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Those of us in the Chemistry Department received the following e-mail on Thursday, April 29:

"For those of you that are new to Sewanee, my name is Jamie. I was a chemistry major, C'04. I'm writing on behalf of my dad (Sewanee Chemistry, C'73) to share some good news with you, another Sewanee Chemistry success story, if you will.

Dad has been working for BASF for a couple years, since BASF bought Johnson Polymer. Dad was informed by BASF Germany earlier today that, effective May 1st, he is being promoted to a new position. The position is the highest position a corporate industrial scientist can achieve without leaving the lab. At most companies, it is known as a Corporate Research Fellow. BASF calls its German scientists of with the position Principal Scientists, not to be confused with the U.S. sharing the same namesake, which is of a significantly lesser prestige. As dad is the first American to be promoted to this position for BASF, upper management hasn't even selected a title yet, although dad has been told it won't be Corporate Research Fellow for political reasons. There are currently three scientists of this achievement level at BASF, all of which are German scientists; dad will make the 4th.

Needless to say, my family is very proud of dad. Given that BASF is the largest chemical company worldwide, we are especially proud.

After dad told me of the promotion, I asked if I could share this story with you because dad and I both accredit Sewanee with any successes we've had since then. Sewanee taught us more than just chemistry: it taught us to think, analyze, solve, argue, reason, and so much more. So, on behalf of both dad and I, thank you all for teaching us, mentoring us, and befriending us. And on behalf of just me, thanks for kicking my butt when it needed to be kicked.

I hope all is well.  Best wishes from DC,

- Jamie"

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