Bachman and Miles present at the 249th National Meeting

Professors Robert Bachman and Deon Miles attended the 249th National Meeting of the American Chemical Society, held in Denver, Colorado from March 22nd to 26th.   Professor Bachman presented two invited talks at the meeting.  The first, entitled “Computational and synthetic studies of organic-inorganic conjugate dyes for solar energy harvesting,” was part of a symposium on Undergraduate Research at the Frontiers of Inorganic Chemistry sponsored by the Division of Inorganic Chemistry.  This presentation was co-authored by Ava Conner (C’15), Michelle Leidy (C’15) and Sara Parks (C’16) as well as Dr. Nathan DeYonker of the University of Memphis.

Bachman’s second presentation, “Increasing reach: Dealing with resource limitations and scalability issues by bringing collaborative research into the teaching laboratory,” was given as part of the Division of Chemical Education symposium Undergraduate Research in Chemistry: Expanding Opportunities and Broadening Participation

Professor Miles gave a talk entitled “Size characterization and alternative synthesis of monolayer-protected quantum dots” in the Division of Colloid and Surface Chemistry.  This talk was co-authored by several Sewanee undergraduates—Ava Conner (C’15), Luis Tinoco (C’15), William Wright (C’16), Sonia Francone (C’17), Ena Aguilar (C’17) and Fernando Acosta (C’15).  

In addition to sharing their latest scholarly work with a national audience, both Professor Bachman and Miles were able to attend numerous talks detailing cutting edge research in their fields and innovative pedagogic approaches. Prof. Bachman also participated in an ACS Leadership Development System workshop on strategic planning.