Bachman presents three talks at CUR2016

University of South Florida Exterior view

Prof. Robert Bachman attended the 2016 Council on Undergraduate Research (CUR) Biennial Meeting at the University of South Florida in Tampa, Florida from June 26 to 28, 2016.  The CUR meeting brings together scholars from across the country, and increasingly around the world, to discuss ways to involve students in collaborative scholarship and creative activities.  The theme of the conference “Advancing Undergraduate Research:  Collaboration and Innovation in a Global Society” was reflected in Bachman’s three presentations. 

The first, “Integration of Research into the Formal Chemistry Curriculum,” was a panel discussion that included Rebecca Jones of George Mason, Bridget Gourley of DePauw, and Amy Deveau of University of New England.  Their presentation examined why and how to bring authentic research into an individual course and how to structure a research supportive curriculum.   

The second talk was entitled “Advancing Research and Teaching Through NSF-MRI Instrumentation Grants.”  Bachman partnered with Kraig Wheeler of Eastern Illinois University and Amy Deveau of University of New England to discuss the MRI program broadly and to share tips they have learned as part of successful submissions to that important instrumentation funding source.

Last up was a talk on “International Sabbatical and Research Experiences” where Bachman again teamed up with Wheeler to share their experiences with sabbatical leaves abroad and to help others consider “best practices” for planning and funding such an experience. 

Bachman also attended the CUR Annual Business Meeting immediately prior to the conference in his role as a Councilor in the Division of Chemistry.  The business meeting offers a chance for the Divisions and the Council as a whole to plan its work to advance undergraduate research nationally in the coming year.  Bachman stepped down as chair of the Nominations Committee after serving in that role for the last five years.  In return, he was also appointed the chair of a new Council-wide Task Force on Member Services.  This group is charged with examining the services CUR provides its members currently and envisioning how those services can be enhanced to provide even more value to the membership.