(Bio)Chemists Recognized with McCrady Awards at Scholarship Sewanee

Three posters by students and faculty from the Chemistry Department were recognized for excellence at the 2016 edition of Scholarship Sewanee.

Anna Williams, a first year student considering a chemistry major, was awarded First Prize in the Mathematical and Physical Sciences Category for her poster entitled “Development of an X-ray Fluorescence Method for the Detection of Mercury Vapor.”  This work was done in collaboration with Professor Robert Bachman.  

Cid Oculam (a senior Biology major/Chemistry minor), Oksana Creech (a junior Chemistry/Russian major), and Logan Brammer (a sophomore Chemistry major) were awarded second place in the Mathematical and Physical Sciences Category for their poster “Heat Shock Response in Lung Fibroblasts to Changes in Environmental Calcium.”  Their project was carried out under the mentorship of Professor Bethel Seballos of the Chemistry Department and Biochemistry Program.

Megan Hopson, a junior Environment and Sustainability major, was awarded First Prize in the Environmental and Earth Sciences Category for her work on “Evaluating the Effectiveness of Sewanee's Wastewater Treatment.”  This project, which is related to the Constructed Wetlands Project, was carried out in collaboration with Professor Emily White of the Chemistry Department and Professor Deborah McGrath of the Biology Department. 

“These awards are a testament to the high quality chemical research being done by the students and faculty on campus and the students and faculty involved are to be congratulated for these well deserved recognitions,” noted Professor Bachman, Chair of the Chemistry Department.  He adds “We strive to provide all interested students a chance to work with faculty on original research and to present their work both at conferences at venues across the country and as co-authors on papers. We know this work is not only part of an outstanding education but also helps make the students more competitive for admission to graduate programs or for hiring by potential employers.”

The Department congratulates all the students and their faculty mentors for this outstanding work.