Associate Professor of Chemistry Deon Miles recently wrote an article published in the Journal of Chemical Education entitled “Laboratory Development and Lecture Renovation for a Science of Food and Cooking Course” (J. Chem. Educ. 2014, 91, 1637−1642).  The article focused on the recent changes made to the course (CHEM 110), which is targeted to nonscience majors at Sewanee. Students now have the opportunity to work in the laboratory setting on food-related experiments, including the preparation of homemade ice cream. Also, near the end of the course, the class takes a field trip to the Jack Daniel’s Distillery (in nearby Lynchburg, TN) to study large-scale distillation and fermentation processes.  

The article can be accessed at the following URL:

The abstract for the article is provided below:

Several years ago, a new nonscience majors course, The Science of Food and Cooking, was developed at our institution. The course covered basic scientific concepts that would normally be discussed in a typical introductory chemistry course, in the context of food and food preparation. Recently, the course has been revamped in three major ways: (1) the incorporation of a laboratory component, (2) the reorganization of the lecture topics, and (3) the inclusion of a field trip. A week-by-week explanation of the course curriculum is provided, as well as the description of the laboratory experiments conducted during the course. A brief description of the group excursion to a local distillery is given.


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