Chemistry and Biochemistry Majors and Minors Make an Impact at Scholarship Sewanee 2016

2016 Scholarship Sewanee presentations

Chemistry and Biochemistry majors and minors contributed 24 presentations (22 posters and 2 oral presentation) at the 2016 Scholarship Sewanee related to the original research they have performed both under the individual mentorship of faculty, both here and at other institutions, and in their regular courses.   The work covered a wide array of topics from infrared imaging of artworks to medicinal chemistry to physiology to nanotechnology.  The complete list of contributions:

 Gosife Donald Okoye, Lucianna Frick, Maximiliano Rapanelli and Dr. Christopher Pittenger, “Acute Disruption of Striatal Modulation by Neuronal Histamine Results in Tourette Syndrome-Like Phenomenology”  (Psychiatry Department, Yale School of Medicine)

 Gosife Donald Okoye and Dr. Luis Martinez,  “NMDA Receptor Inhibition Negatively Affects Mutant p53 Breast Cancer Cell Lines” (Department of Biochemistry, University of Mississippi Medical Center)

 Dannielle Hendon, Anne Walker, and Dr. Gary Wnek, “New Routes to Photocrosslinking Poly(acrylic acid)” (Department of Chemical Engineering, Case Western University)

 Oksana Creech, Emily Gay, and Dr. Robert E. Bachman, “Synthesis of a New Indazole and Examination of its Metal Complexation Chemistry” (Department of Chemistry)

 Sarah Moats, Leslie Leiva, and Dr. Robert Bachman, “Synthesis and Characterization of Heterotopic Metal-acetylacetone Complexes with Substituted Bipyridine Ligands” (Department of Chemistry)

 Veronica Gordillo-Herrejon, Emily Shriner, Sonia C. Francone, William F. Wright, and Dr. Deon T. Miles, “Size Characterization and Solubility Examination of Monolayer-Protected Quantum Dots” (Department of Chemistry)

 Nicole Fischer and Dr. Brandon C. Moore, “X-ray Fluorescence Microspectra Analysis of Metal Bioaccumulation in Spotted Gar Otoliths” (Department of Biology)

 Ashley Malpica, Reeda Shakir, Nicole Fischer, and Dr. Brandon C. Moore, “Hemal Spine Morphology in Gambusia Affinis Collected from a Municipal Sewage Treatment Plant Lagoon” (Department of Biology)

 Katharine Barwick, Renata Roberge, and Dr. Robert E. Bachman, “Synthesis and Characterization of Gold Containing Derivative KP1019” (Department of Chemistry)

 Sonia C. Francone, Joanna E. Poprawski, Kyle R. Brimacombe, Min Shen, Matthew M. Boxer, Anton Simeonov, Matthew D. Hall, and Dr. Michael Gottesman, “A High-Throughput Screen of the MLSMR Collection to Identify Substrates of P-glycoprotein” (Center for Cancer Research, National Cancer Institute of the National Institutes of Health)

 Mellie Lammon, Helena Brooks, Matson Conrad, Mikyas Duga, and Dr. Robert E. Bachman, “Reaction of KP1019 with DNA Bases” (Department of Chemistry)

 Lauren Newman and Dr. Emily White, “Let’s Get Trashed: Sustainable Waste Management at Sewanee” (Department of Earth and Environmental Systems)

 Megan Hopson, Dr. Emily White, and Dr. Deborah McGrath, “Evaluating the Effectiveness of Sewanee’s Wastewater Treatment” (Department of Chemistry, Department of Biology)

 Cid Oulam, Oksana Creech, Logan Brammer, and Dr. Bethel Seballos, “Heat Shock Response in Lung Fibroblasts to Changes in Environmental Calcium” (Department of Chemistry)

 Katharine Barwick , Sean Halloron, and Dr. Robert Bachman, “Synthesis of KP1019 derivatives: Development of structure-activity relationships for a potential anti-cancer drug” (Department of Chemistry)

 Hallie Crosby, Charlie Thompson M.D., Brian Harel Ph.D. J.D., Nick Frederico, Sharon Smith M.D.  and Linda Mayes M.D., “International Children’s Advisory Network: Quantitatively Measuring Efficacy (Department of Psychology, Yale University School of Medicine)

 Tyler Sudderth, Caty Hueske, and Dr. Robert Bachman, “An Investigation into the Addition of Carboxylic Acids onto the structure of KP1019” (Department of Chemistry)

 Veronica Gordillo-Herrejon, Taylor Morris, Eli Lavendar, Miranda Callahan, and Dr. Robert E. Bachman, “Synthesis of Iron(III) and Cobalt(III) Substituted Variants of KP1019 Anti-Cancer Drug” (Department of Chemistry)

 Anna Williams and Dr. Robert Bachman, “Development of an X-ray Fluorescence Method for Detection of Mercury Vapor” (Department of Chemistry)

 Hayden Byrd, Dr. Eiki Ichihara, Dr. Yinguin Yan, Dr. Catherine Meador, and Dr. Catherine M. Lovly, “Overcoming Acquired Resistance to Targeted Therapies in Lung Cancer” (Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer, Vanderbilt University School of Medicine)

 Rebecca Lobach and Dr. Robert Bachman, “Assessment of interference caused by Infrared Luminescent Pigments in Infrared Reflectance Imaging “ (Department of Chemistry)

 Veronica Gordillo-Herrejon, Dr. Jennifer Pietenpol, and Dr. Jim Patton, “Investigating the Mutant p53-Adapted State in Triple Negative Breast Cancer” (Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center, Vanderbilt University School of Medicine)

 Neal Bartl and Dr. Bethel Seballos, “Early Experience with Prehospital TXA: Protocol Appropriately Identifies Trauma Patients Requiring Transfusion and Reduces Time to TXA Administration” (Department of Surgery, Carolinas Medical Center)

 David Pride and Dr. Alyssa Summers, “Genome-Wide Analysis of HDAC3 Regulated Target Genes in Developing T-cells”  (Department of Biology)