10th Annual Chemistry Demonstration Show Astonishes Crowd

10th Annual Chemistry Demonstration Show Photo

The 10th Annual Chemistry Demonstration Show was held April 16, 2015 at 6:00 pm in Blackman Auditorium for the community. On this spectacular evening, the Oscars met Chemistry with each demonstration being performed by chemistry and biochemistry majors and minors. 

The show included the following demonstrations:

1. Elephant’s Toothpaste (Harry Potter) performed by Jordan Buck, Henry Person, David Pride

2. Slime (Ghostbusters) performed by Nate Chapman, Hallie Crosby

3. Burning Money (Despicable Me) performed by Nicole Fischer, Luis Tinoco, Tia Strickland

4. Oscillating Clock (Home) performed by Brandon Miller, Liz Lucas, David Dan

5. Silver Mirror (Willy Wonka) performed by Sarah Moats, Ava Conner, Paul Naumann

6. Black Snake (Harry Potter) performed by Eunbee Kim, Sydney Philpot, Nakeirah Christie

7. Supersaturated Sodium Acetate performed by Carol Ann Head, Adam McAnally, Michelle Leidy, Andrew Zellner

8. Ethanol Cannons (Pirates of the Caribbean) performed by Taylor Morris, Daniel Rosales

9. Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream & Masters of Ceremonies performed by Daniel Myers and Willy Wright

Elephant's Toothpaste                                                   Slime          

by Jordan Buck, Henry Penson and David Pride             by Nate Chapman and Hallie Crosby        


Burning Money                                                    Oscillating Clock

by Nicole Fischer, Luis Tinoco, and Tia Strickland       by Brandon Miller, Liz Lucas, and David Dan


B‌lack Snake

by Eunbee Kim, Sydney Philpot, and Nakeirah Christie