Parker Haynes (C’14) Nominated for Watson Fellowship

Parker Haynes, C'14, has been nominated for a prestigious year-long Watson Fellowship during 2014-15. Offered by the Thomas J. Watson Foundation, the Watson Fellowships offer college graduates a year of independent exploration and travel outside the United States.

Parker proposes travel to Guatemala, Ecuador, Madagascar, Malaysia, Portugal, Ireland and Wales, where the environmental studies and chemistry major would study thin skin. To understand her own love for amphibians, Haynes would explore the idea of vulnerability in frogs, toads and salamanders, which are threatened worldwide. She expects her own conservation ethic will be shaped by her travels, and would redefine “thin skin” to mean vulnerability at its best: embracing new experiences to explore humanity’s role in nature. In pursuit of glimpsing the world’s amphibian diversity, Haynes would be stretched to confront her own environmental ethic.

A Watson Foundation representative will be on campus early next semester to interview all nominees. The recipients of the fellowships, who will receive stipends of $28,000 each, will be announced in March.