The Chemistry Department Congratulates Its Class of 2016 Graduates

Chemistry graduates 2016

‌The Chemistry Department offers its heart-felt congratulations to the 24 students of the Class 0f 2016 that graduated with majors and minors in Chemistry or Biochemistry at the University Commencement on May 8th.

This year’s majors are:

Nate Barrnett — Chemistry (3/2 Engineering)

Neal Bartl — Biochemistry

Elizabeth Beilharz — Biochemistry

Abby Bray — Biochemistry

John Peyton Bush — Biochemistry

Sarah Christie — Biochemistry

Palmer Coleman — Chemistry

Hallie Crosby — Biochemistry

Nicole Fischer Cosio — Biochemistry

Sydney Jackson — Chemistry

Bradford Lepik — Biochemistry

Daniel Myers — Chemistry

Donald Okoye — Biochemistry

Sara Parks  — Chemistry

Lauren Petrosh — Chemistry

David Pride — Biochemistry

Tia Strickland — Chemistry

William Wright — Chemistry


This year’s minors are:

Jack Conrad — Chemistry (Economics)

Maria Granello — Chemistry (Biology)

Amelia Gray — Chemistry (Biology)

Taylor Morris — Chemistry (Physics)

Paul Naumann — Chemistry (Classical Studies)

Cid Oculam — Chemistry (Biology)

G‌raduates, Lauren Petrosh and Donald Okoye    


Graduate, Willy Wright


Dr. Emily White and Graduate, Donald Okoye