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Chemistry Department Equipment

Mark Mochel and John Shibata

Mark Mochel and John Shibata in front of the NMR.

Equipment currently available:

  • Joel 400 MHz FT-NMR (multi-nuclear and variable temperature capability; 24 slot autosampler)
  • Agilent G6520 LC-MS/MS (Quad/TOF) with ESI and APCI 
  • HP 8453 UV/Visible spectrophotometer
  • HP-Agilent 1100 series HPLC with photodiode array detector
  • Jobin Yvon/Horiba Fluoromax-P Fluorimeter
  • Perkin Elmer Spectrum 1 FT-IR with ATR
  • Perkin Elmer Spectrum 100 FT-IR with ATR (2)
  • Perkin Elmer 8500 DSC with Intercooler 3 attachment
  • Perkin Elmer 4000 TGA
  • Perkin Elmer Lambda 35 UV-Vis with reluctance attachment (on loan to Biology)
  • CH Instruments 630A Electrochemical Analyzer
  • Vac Atmospheres Glove Box 
  • Gow-Mac GC (2)
  • Scanning Electron Microscope with EDAX capabilities (located in Physics)
  • Siemens powder X-ray diffractometer (located in Forestry/Geology)