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Student Affiliates of American Chemical Society (SAACS)

2010-11 Officers

President: Sarah Fried, C'11, VP for Community Service: Erin Brahm, C'13, VP for Career Development: Elizabeth Henry, C'12, Treasurer: Annie Taliaferro, C'12,
Secretary: Mae Missana, C'13

The American Chemical Society (ACS) supports undergraduates interested in chemistry by maintaining a network of student groups all across the country.  Sewanee's group is called Student Affiliates of the ACS, or SAACS for short.  Students can become a national member of ACS by paying a discounted member fee, although students are not required to join in order to be part of our group.  Members receive ACS's award-winning In Chemistrymagazine, discounted registration rates at regional and national meetings, and free career-building workshops and access to databases of available positions nationally.

Sewanee SAACS participate in a variety of activities each year.  Officers are elected in the fall at the first meeting of the year.  Normally we celebrate National Chemistry Week (the third week of October) with a demonstration blitz in each class at our elementary school and two preschools.  We help organize and cook for the chemistry department's fall social dinner, to which all students taking a chemistry course are invited.  We have science movie nights in Blackman Auditorium, with members choosing films and making popcorn.  The highlight of the spring semester is the annual Evening of Chemical Magic demonstration show, usually held in April in Blackman Auditorium.  We also observe Chemists Celebrate Earth Day, an ACS program to raise chemistry awareness, with anything from a giveaway at McClurg to a booth at the Earth Day Fest in town.  SAACS also attend ACS local section meetings when possible and can receive travel funds to attend regional and national conferences across the country.  In December 2010 twelve Student Affiliates and two faculty members went to New Orleans for the Southeast Regional Meeting of the ACS.  (SERMACS)

If you are interested in becoming a member of Sewanee SAACS, please email an advisor:

Jennifer Bachman, Chem Lab Coordinator, SAACS Professional Advisor

John Shibata, Chem Dept. Chair, SAACS Faculty Advisor

Coffee House Night fundraiser, November 5, 2009

We decided to have a study break/coffee house night to raise money to buy demonstration supplies.  Department members made an edible periodic table of cookies, which was a big hit!